Thieves smashed their way through a 14in thick brick wall to steal a state-of-the-art computer - for the second time this year.

Burglars cut a one metre hole through three layers of brick to get inside the community building to grab the £2,000 computer.

Because thieves went through the wall of the building they didn't trigger the alarm which had been set to go off if any doors were opened.

It comes just six months after the Academy was hit by a similar attack which saw raiders make off with almost £8,000 worth of equipment.

Shocked Academy principal Anne Marshall said: "I can't believe that someone would so desperate to cut through a 14in thick wall to steal from a community group.

"They will probably be able to sell the computer for a couple of hundred pounds but it was invaluable to us."

The break-in happened sometime between 7pm last Wednesday (October 5) and 8pm the following morning.

The Academy itself is surrounded by a 14ft high wall, but a small one metre section of the building backs directly onto Kankey's Ginnel which runs between Boarshaw and Middleton Parish Church.

It was that section of wall that raiders targeted, smashing their way through three layers of brick.

Once inside they grabbed a state-of-the-art Apple Mac computer used by the Academy to edit video and pictures of their students' performances.

"We had only just replaced the computer they stole when they broke in earlier in the year," added Anne. "We had a group of students who were due to take exams in film editing on Friday on that machine but we can't do that now.

"I'm not even sure if we will replace it as you just get to a point where you think 'is it worth it if someone is that determined to steal it'?"

Despite being hit for the second time this year, Anne said she would not be beaten by the burglars. She said: "This is not the end of Popstars and these desperate people won't stop what we do. I just hope they realise the damaging affect they are having on us and the community."