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The Members

Natalie has been a member at Popstars for 9years and is the longest standing member of the youth forum joing     when she was 15. Now 18 years old Natalie ensures the rest of the youth forum stay focused on task. She is a dedicated member and although recently gave birth to her first son Kaiden still attends may practises keeping up with both her dance and singing skills. Natalies voice is one to be admired, she makes people go 'wow' when she sings a true star!

Chloe has been a member at Popstars for 5 years and as a new member of the youth forum, only joining this year, has jumped straight into the role already helping to come up with some exciting new ideas for MPA to work towards this year. With another member, Jack, Chloe stepped up this summer and taught all the members a brilliant dance to Swagger Jagger which they have choreographed all by themselves!! Her talents do not end there she recently came 3rd in a singing competition in Alton Towers...voice of an angel.

Lauren is part of the furniture here at MPA....it would be the same with out her. She has been commited to Popsatrs for many years and we have watched her grow into a young women. Her ability to pick up dance routines has always beyond her years and it easy to forget she is only 12 years old. Recently she has been picking up the microphone and proving she is a star in the making! Lauren truely is everyone friend!!!

When Daniel first came to MPA he was shy and not aware of his talent. He loved to sing and it was obvious he had the ability to be brilliant. After only 2 years here his confidence has grown and he now regulary performs solos on stage recently winning a singing competition!! Daniel definaltely has the voice to be star but now he wants the moves and has started getting involved in the dance classes here at MPA learning off the other youth forum members. Daniel is the person all new boy members turn to and he is always welcoming and friendly.

Jack sadly passed away on his 19th birthday. He was a member of MPA fro 11 years and will be always missed. He will remain on this page where he belongs as one of tje orginal youth forum members.