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SingerAbout Middleton Popstars Academy

Like many performing arts centres Middleton Popstars Academy offers its students singing lessons, dance lessons as well as opportunities in makeup, drama, costume design and media. However unlike most performing arts centres Middleton Popstars Academy is a non for profit community group open to all no matter of ability or disability. We strive to bring unity in the community by offering opportunities to all, encouraging integration between different age groups, ethnicities and social backgrounds. The manager is the person who began this dream along side a much missed lady, Grace McKnwen, and it has now been established for ten years. Popstars has brought structure and stability to many children and young adults and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.

Some of the youth have been here since the beginning, starting when they were 11 years old. They have been a big part in setting up the youth forum. Now 21 years old they play a big part in running Popstars and working closely with the younger members. The secretary first came along with her child that no one else would take because of his condition but she and her son are still here.

We believe that every child should be given the same opportunities to succeed. We are welcoming to all and believe that all children and youth feel that this is their place of comfort, a place that they can call their own.

Opening Times

Popstars are open 7 days a week with something always going on!
All of Popstars students are expected to attend twice weekly performing arts training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 4.30-6.30. At the moment we have singing lessons being held on thursdays (every fortnight) which run from 4:30-6:30, these will be £2 per session and you will need to book your place. Any new sessions will be announced on the website.

Where We Meet

MPA are lucky enough to have their own building where they meet weekly. This facility is located on Morton Street in Middleton. It houses its very own dance and recording studio, sound booth, meeting room, reception, kitchen and office. The building began as nothing more than a run down old unit with no ceiling and rotting wood. It is now an amazing facility with floor to ceiling mirrors in the dance studio, sound studios with state of the art equipment and meeting rooms in which the members can relax after a hard session!!
The building is designed not only for the enjoyment of our students but also their safety. Fitted with fire doors through out, fire escapes, locks on all doors and fire alarms, we ensure our members are safe.

What We Do

Popstars main objective, to put unity in the community, is achieved through a string of performances through out the year in the community. These include Middleton Town Centre, Rochdale Town Centre and Town Hall, schools, elderly people homes, Francis House and for other charities to raise funds for their cause. Popstars have also been lucky enough to perform in Ribby Hall, Presthaven Sands, Pontins, Disney Land Paris and Benidorm. We have also travelled to The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in New York in our quest to stop elitism in performing arts. We encourage those students who see performing arts as their career choice to enter competitions either as a group or individually to challenge themselves and improve their confidence.

Middleton Popstar's have performed at prestigious events throughout the UK (see past events section of this site for details). We receive many requests to perform and always try our best to agree to most reasonable requests. The majority of our performances are in the Greater Manchester area.

We welcome all school, colleges, students to work alongside us in any aspects of media/performing arts. We offer great facilities and we also now have a new garden space, which can be used for filming and all aspects of dance.