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Code of Conduct

Chairperson, committee, Members, Youth Forum and Volunteers

We aim to provide the membership of MPA with extensive variety of experiences linked to the performing arts. 

These will include weekly meetings, workshops, charity events, multicultural festivals, community shows and holiday breaks (at home and abroad), with the oppertunity to perform in front of diverse audiences.

We aim to value all our members and their contributions equally, reguardless of ability, disability, gender, class, race or ethnicity. We promote equal opportunities.

We will give some older members the responsibility of becoming "buddies" for younger members, offering advice, friendship and encouragment whenever and wherever necessary.

We aim to provide older members with the opportunity to learn and develop skills linked to the perfoming arts in a variety of training programmes (IT, dance, singing, choreography and costume desin, to name but a few).

We aim to ensure the safety of all members by ensuring volunteers are police checked and that health and safety, child protection and first aid policeys are followed at all times.

We aim to develop strong links with parents/carers to ensure good communications, consistency in learning and promotion of the wellbeing of our members.


We will read and discuss all letters, timetables, schedules, information sent to us by the chairperson/committee at MPA.

We will come to all the meetings that we are required to, so that information about important events can be shared and discussed formally.

If we can not attend the relevant meeting we will phone the chairperson to make other arrangements.

If we as parents/partners are acting as a volunteer for MPA during holidays, we acknowledge that we will be unable to share a room, in front of children other than our own.

We will discuss the CODE OF CONDUCT with our child and sign the necessary paperwork.

If we feel the need to complain about any issue relating to MPA we will follow the correct procedure, highlighted in the MPA Grievances policey.

We will ensure that our child understands all of the consequences that they will face if this code of conduct is broken. (see below)

Ultimately we will support any discisions made by the chairpersons of MPA when they are acting in Locus-parentum (in our absence).



We will treat others with respect at all times.

We will make the best of our opportunities by always trying our best and behaving appropriately at all times (even when not perfoming).

We will treat costumes/ and stage props with care.

We will wear whatever costumes/stage makeup that we are asked to for a production. If there is a problem with a costume we will discuss it with the manager no later than two weeks before the show. NOT ON THE PERFORMANCE DATE.

We will not speak to managers or representatives of other groups during performances, and will pass them on to the chair-person or secretary to deal with.

We will not smoke at anytime when representing MPA.

We will not drink alcohol or take illegal substances at anytime when representing MPA.

We recongnise that if we break any of the above rules that serious consequences will follow.

For information on the consequences of breaking MPA rules or any further information regarding the Code of Conduct here at MPA please contact the Director. Contat details can be found on the Contact Us section of our website.