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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Fire Procedure

Please read and familiarise yourselves with the fore procedure, this can be seen posted on the wall in every room.

Fire hydrants can be found at the end of the counter in reception, in the music room on the window side and upstairs on the kitchen side. If the fire alarm rings please use the fire exit in the dance hall and the main front door. Please assemble all members and staff at the far side of the car park for head count. In the case of fire never go back in for anything, call 999 and stay out.

Accidents - There is a first aid box on the reception counter. Any accidents, however small, should be repoted to a member of staff so they can record it in the Accident Book which can be found next to the first aid box. The first aiders are Anne Mashall, Jane Meredith and Emma Critchley.


Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is not allowed on the premises due to choking factor.


Smoking is NOT ALLOWED on Popstars premises.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs are not permitted on Popstars premises and anyone found to be under the influence of any of the above will be asked to leave immediately.


You should not normally be in the building on your own, however if you are alone in Popstars for whatever reason make sure that the front door to the premises is kept locked. All staff and volunteers please note: If there are any visitors to Popstars please speak through the camera phone and never buzz anyone in regardless of if you know them or not. Always go to the front door and make sure the person(s) you are bringing in are known to Popstars. If there are ever any unexpected or unannounced persons please do not answer the door without seeking advice from the manager.