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ASDAN Overview

MPA are now lucky enough to offer ASDAN Short Course Awards.

ASDAN is an educational charity and awarding body based in Bristol. Starting in 1980, it was developed and co-ordinated by teachers and lecturers and now has almost 5,500 registered centres.

All ASDAN Qualifications are approved by QCA and point scored as GCSE/AS equivalents. They are recognised by UCAS.

ASDAN Awards certificate small steps of accreditation for Wider Key Skills and PLTS and provide the learner with credits to enable them to progress into ASDAN qualifiactions. ASDAN provides a framework for personal and social development to be formally accredited. It encourages the development of employability skills including teamwork, confidence, communication and self motivation along with others.

Accreditation is important so young people get formal recognition of their achievements. In a less formal situation it can form a focus for the whole group. It encourages empowerment, commitment and the desire to try new things. Most importantly it is good fun!

The certificates for the above will be handed out at easter to volunteers, future jobs fund and the young people. We are please to announce that 20 have achieved these qualifications.