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Short Courses

The range of short courses includes:
ASDAN Activities Award
Adventure and Residential
Active Citizenship
Aim higher
Community Involvement and Volunteering
Disabilities and Sports Awareness
Experience of Work Award
Expressive Arts
Peer Monitoring
Personal Finance
Sex and Relationships
Sports and Fitness

All Short Courses have the same structure which includes The Award Book, The Portfolio of Evidence, Plan, Do and Review Sheets, Summary of Achievement and Personal Statement and Record of Progress.

As students progress through their Short Courses they are expected to consider how they have used the Key Skills and Wider Key Skills of, working with others, improving own learing and performance, problem solving, communication and ICT.

The courses are 100% portfolio assesed which are internally moderated and externally certificated.

The courses can be used as part of a CoPE Qualification.

For more information please visit the ASDAN website or contact Popstars.