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Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre New York

On August 25th 2008 some of the Popstars members put on their brand new black and silver tracksuits and headed for Manchester airport. They boarded a Continental flight to Newark airport, New York USA on their quest to help put an end to elitism in performing arts. While in New York they stayed in the Wellington Hotel which was just a ten minute walk from both Time Square and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.

They visited the Alvin Ailey Dance school on three occasions in the week they were there. During the visits they took part in three classes, Hip-hop, Jazz and African. They had an amazing time learning many new skills. The Hip hop class was great fun and the members learnt a full routine within the four hours. In the Jazz class the tutor concentrated more on prefecting certain skills working the group hard and really making them think about if they have what it takes to be a professional dancer. The last class, African dancing, was the favourite of most of the members. It was tiring, hard work and yet amazing fun. They were taught a full routine to a drum, something most had never experienced before. They brought back everything they were taught, teaching others the routines and moves and using them to help improve our own performances. In 2009 the African dance was performed in Middleton Arena to drums played by the Tantara Taiko Drummers.

Popstars were also given a tour of the school in which their eyes were opened to just how lucky they were to be there. The cost of joining the school was in its thousands, not a price any of our members could afford!!

While in New York they also got to see the sights; bike rides around Central Park, boat trips to Staten Island and of course plenty of shopping!!!!

This amazing opportunity was made possible by

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