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The work that popstars does with G.I.Jive is intergenerational. Young people working with older people.

Ian and Sheilagh are the G.I.Jive dance instructors
Jive and Lindyhop.

G.I.Jive join Popstars annually to teach the youths here at Popstars dances such as the Lindyhop and Jive. Ian and Sheilagh who are the dance instructors are lovely people who work well with our members catering for the different abilities each youth possesses. We believe it is important for our members to experience many different styles of dance,not only to increase their abilities in dance but also to give them an appreciation of the different genres of dance out there. Our work with G.I.Jive is intergenerational, it gives the young people here at MPA the chance to work with older people. We feel this will help them gain a respect for the older generation and improve their communication skills.

everyone who takes part in the G.I.Jive workshops has great fun learning the new styles and watching Ian and Sheilagh show them how it is done! Our latest workshop was funded by the Youth Opportunities Fund.

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