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The LIttle Shop of Treasures 2009

Every year Popstars aims to put on a big show of their own, inviting different groups from the community to come together and showcase their talents. This year we held the performance in June in the new Middleton Arena. The group that joined us included, Glenda Ann School of Dance, Langley Theatre Workshop, Zodiac Dance, Da Click and Sadistic, Tantara Taiko Drummers and we were also lucky enough to have Marvin Ruffin who regularly shows us his support, Piceses a new up and coming performer and Marquel who has starred in both Corronation Street and Waterloo Road.

Marvin Ruffin opened the show with an amazing set followed by our very own Will on drums. All acts had plenty of time on stage and all ages were invited. It really was a variety show with many different genres being showcased, there was something everyone in the audience could enjoy. The aim of the show was to promote different cultures as well as different styles of dance. MPA members were lucky enough to perform an African dance to the Tantara Taiko Drummers. There was a serious message also highlighted in the show, Knife Crime. This was due to the growing numberĀ of violent crimes involving youths with knives. After the youth forum at Middleton Popstars had discussed there concerns on this matter they had decided they were going to try to help improve this in our community. This is an ongoing project but they felt that the Little Shop of Treasures was a good place to start their campaign.

The show was funded by the youth Opportunities Fund.

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