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ITV Fixers

Thanks to ITV fixers for creating a short film about Middleton Popstars Academy broadcasting the help we have given to young people.
We would also like to thank Katherine Howell and the youth forum from Middleton Popstars Academy for organising and contributing to this event.
A special thanks to Tony Morris for showing his fantastic support when Middleton Popstars broadcasted our short film for the first time.
Below are pictures and a short clip of the event.


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MPA are getting their hands dirty and cleaning out the back garden and turning it in to a safe space for the members to use.

The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery and supported by Key103, BUPA and Green Volunteers. The idea is to clean up the waste, debris and harmful contents of the garden and develope a place for the youth to use, enjoy and brign out their "green" side.

A big thanks to the Green Volunteers for their first day on the project who worked extremely hard!! Any one interested in geeting involved in the project, donating planets or decking please contact the academy.

First Dance on new space.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Sr-EddNV5k
Garden Practice


18.05.09 001
18.05.09 001
18.05.09 002
18.05.09 003
18.05.09 004
18.05.09 005
18.05.09 006
18.05.09 007
18.05.09 008
18.05.09 009
18.05.09 010
18.05.09 011
18.05.09 012 1

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file 011
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